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Our Process

How do we help to accomplish your transition? We provide a three-pronged approach – pre-boarding, takeoff and integration.

During the PRE-BOARDING PROCESS, you’ll:

  • transfer your registrations and licenses in advance
  • stay up-to-date through emails and conference calls
  • participate in training sessions
  • access your new email account, letterhead and business cards
  • verify existing client suitability without requiring client signature

During TAKEOFF (actual Transition) you can:

  • move 90% of your direct assets in 90 days
  • retain client account numbers
  • forego re-papering except in rare instances where required
  • accept most current firm elements
  • compare your approved products list with ours; get advice on any necessary substitutions

Finally, during INTEGRATION, the Landing Phase of your fresh start, you’ll:

  • familiarize yourself with our advanced technology and product offerings
  • decide whether you want to continue DBA your existing firm name
  • take advantage of our marketing reimbursement program
  • let us transfer previous audit information to keep your schedule intact